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" The World "

Shining Mountain / Climbing the World #02 2011-12

3channel video installation
installation view at Nagoya City Art Museum
Contemporary Art from Nagoya : The World seen from this Position 2012



I fastened wandering figures and sequins on the painted forests and mountains.
"The World" is a piece of video art, in which these pictures are melting, so the fastened objects fall down and disappear. This piece questions our perception, how we think we "know" something in our lives today in the information society. It questions the existence of the reality of all of us, who are living in this vague world. These pieces weren’t generated in the computer; the melting pictures are real drawings which were melted and recorded on camera. This process was repeated and only a part of the many recordings was actually chosen. This piece is searching for perceptions of "real or surreal" or "uncertainty of reality" and it’s also an attempt to find the boundaries between me and the world, from the past, since the original (the drawing) has already disappeared and no longer exists.

Shining mountain / Climbing the World #02 2011-12
loop. 7min.42sec (video stills)
Contemporary Art from Nagoya : The World seen from this Position 2012




Shining mountain / Climbing the World #03 2012
83×381cm, LCD screen (three monitors), video (8min, loop)
The Vision of Contemporary Art 2013 VOCA 2013 / The Ueno Royal Museum 2013




Shining Forest / Climbing the World  2011
Solo Exhibition,-Climbing the World- 2011




untitled 2012
video ( video still)




Reversible Stories 2012
video, motorbike, oars, jacket,camera, photos,drawing (collage,drawing, monotype on paper), Others





Reversible Stories -HAKUBA/AOKIKO- 2012
collage, dorawing, monotype, paper




Life Climbing / Climbing the World 2009
2channel video installation
installation view at Kobe Art Village Cente 2009



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