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"Trace Trip,Time Capsule H.K. "

This piece follows the traces of memories and notes of H.K., a hairstylist living in Germany. After interviewing her I traveled to several places mainly in western Japan between spring and autumn 2014, using her photo album as reference.

The passage of time causes countless changes. The sleeper car, mentioned several times in the interview, was abolished. The amusement park from the photo album lies in ruins and the places I visited according to her memories weren’t the places from the photo album. My imagination saved the situation when I no longer could follow a trace. I then tried to find a substitute.
I've also analyzed the pictures and notes by her and her parents down to the last detail and I've tried to imagine those scenes from the past. For example, there is a picture of her which her mother took lopsidedly. Did her mother take it like this lopsided on purpose? Or was it “an accident”? I've started a restoration with research and fantasy which can’t possibly be completed. And I’ve called the exhibition “Reparatur”, a German word, because the model of the exhibition is living in Germany.

Her memories and notes were reconstructed with facts from my research and my imagination, to create new stories and memories. The new pieces will create more new stories with the cooperation of the viewers’ memories and experience.




Solo Exhibition "Reparatur-Trace Trip,Time Capsule" YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY 2015 / photo by KATO Ken





Trace Trip, Time Capsule (H.K.) #04  2015
video, LCD screen, photograph, photocopied photos, mirror, seeds, stones, others

photo by KATO Ken





Trace Trip, Time Capsule (H.K.) #05 / Trace Trip (H.K.) #05-01 2015
painting, photographs, photocopied photos, stones, camera and ceramic figurine, board / photograph
photo by KATO Ken






Trace Trip (H.K.) #05  2015
41x 48cm, photograph





Trace Trip, Time Capsule (H.K.) #01  2015
video, LCD screen, photograph, scissors
photo by KATO Ken





Trace Trip, Time Capsule (H.K.) #02/ #03  2015
photo by KATO Ken






Trace Trip (H.K.) #02  2015
80x 59cm, photograph




Trace Trip (H.K.) #03  2015
29x 38cm, photograph




Copied from the photograph of H.K.'s album


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